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A typical day at James.

Below is an example of what a typical day at work might be like.

Going to the office(11:45)

After greeting your colleagues, you check your schedule for any changes that may have occurred while you were out of the office (such as class or student cancellations / additions. Next, you get a cup of coffee or tea and begin to prepare the text / materials you will use in your first Lesson.

You should always arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class. This time is used to meet with the Office Staff and review your daily schedule. This time is also used to prepare and review your lesson plans for your days classes

Lessons (12:00)

First classes of the day

Classes scheduled earlier in the day are usually Beginner or Elementary level. These classes are usually made up of Seniors or Home-makers interested in learning a new skill, maintaining their English ability or furthering their study of the English language.

You teach your first class of the day, fill out the paperwork and get ready for your next class.


This time can be used to grab a quick bite to eat, practice your Japanese or run some errands. Standard lunch breaks are about an hour so if you have a long lunch break use the time wisely by prepearing lesson plans for your daily classes.

Lessons (16:00)

Most late afternoon classes consist of kids, home-makers or elderly students who have more free time during this part of the day. So we offer classes that best service these individuals.










Lessons (18:00)

Evening classes consist of individuals who get off work and still want to find time to study English, High School students looking to improve their grades and their eligibility for university, and Company English classes which we commute to. James provides classes suited to all types of students.

Going home(21:00)

Time to call it a day. Go home and get recharged to start again tomorrow, ready and willing to go.

JAMES School List

Aomori Akita Morioka Kitakami Furukawa Sendai Fukushima
Koriyama Shirakawa Niigata Joestsu Yamagata Tendo Yonezawa
Iwaki Tsuruoka Hirosaki Takahata