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Initial Training

James provides an excellent training system as well as an Educational Support staff of experienced and professional teachers who are committed to helping new teachers succeed. Newly hired teachers will receive a week of initial on-the-job training; partnering and observing lessons with veteran teachers.

Intensive Training

All newly hired teachers complete an intensive 2-day Orientation/Training Program at the head office in Sendai, where they will focus on:
-Lesson Planning & Preparation
-Effective teaching methods and strategies
-Student and Classroom management
-Company classes
-Teaching kids
-Textbooks/teaching materials
-James' policies & rules

The new teachers will also be given the chance to prepare and teach a sample lesson, after which they will receive feedback from their trainers and students.

Additional Training

To further develop their skills, in addition to the skills and techniques acquired during Initial Training, Intensive Training and teaching in the classroom, every six months all teachers are reviewed and assessed on their teaching ability, lesson planning as well as student and class room management skills by their branch's Management Coordinator (Teacher Manager).

JAMES School List

Aomori Akita Morioka Kitakami Furukawa Sendai Fukushima
Koriyama Shirakawa Niigata Joestsu Yamagata Tendo Yonezawa
Iwaki Tsuruoka Hirosaki Takahata