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Starting Salary

280,000 yen/month is the basic first year salary for James teachers (teacher training / TEFL / equivalent Certification REQUIRED) Teaching (91-100) hours per month will earn a 1,000 yen / hour premium for the 91 - 100 hours taught. Similarly, teachers who agree to accept more than 100 hours a month will earn 2000 yen per hour for every hour over 100 hours taught.

Contract Term

James English School offers a one-year contract, although we prefer teachers to think in terms of an initial two-year commitment.
It is an expensive endeavor to move to a new country and teachers who remain with us for at least two years do much better financially.

Contract Renewal

If you find after the first year of employment at James English may be something you wish to pursue as a career you may apply for a contact renewal 3 months prior to the end of your current contact and if the management team approves your request you will be offered a new contact no less than one month before the end of your current contract with a performance based salary increase.

Holidays and Vacations

First year teachers receive all national holidays, a week off in August and 5 days off during Christmas, as well as 5 paid days off, at your discretion. Discretionary vacation days increase in subsequent years.

JAMES School List

Aomori Akita Morioka Kitakami Furukawa Sendai Fukushima
Koriyama Shirakawa Niigata Joestsu Yamagata Tendo Yonezawa
Iwaki Tsuruoka Hirosaki Takahata