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In-house Lessons

These are Lessons and Courses taught in a particular James Branch.

In-house lessons are our standard classes. They target the specific needs and goals of the students in them.

There are two "In-house" options available to prospective students.

Private Lessons

which are customizable classes where a James teacher works one on one with the student so that he/she can develop at their own pace and comfort level while focusing on their desired English goals.

Group Lessons

where students can work, study and practice English together to help each other grow in confidence, develop their English skills as well as have fun with English.

Kids Lessons

These are the most fun and rewarding of all. Our teachers start working with kids as young as two, teaching them the basics of English through the use of games, songs, nursery rhymes, phonics and a wide variety of other materials and techniques. These classes involve a lot of creativity so that these young learners enjoy learning English.

Business/Corporate Classes

Business/Corporate Classes

These are contracted classes with Companies and Businesses throughout Northern Japan where our teachers travel to the companies to teach business executives the English skills required to communicate effectively in a global work environment. We offer a range of courses for Business students, from custom made corporate syllabi to formal TOEIC (Test of English Competency) preparation. We are a leader in Corporate English Training in the Northern Honshu area.