What kinds of classes do JES teachers teach?

James offers a wide range of classes, from Kids(2 years old and up) to Adults (Groups, Private Lessons and Company Lessons).
Please see the Lessons page for more details.

What is a typical workday like?

A typical day at James.

Monday to Friday office hours are 12-9pm. Saturday office hours are 10:30am-7pm.

For standard working days, all teachers are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their class giving themselves enough time to prepare and/or review lesson plans. Free time between classes is spent by teachers preparing and/or reviewing lesson plans for any of that day's or week's scheduled classes, to be best prepared for their lessons.

Does JES provide teacher support (i.e. training and resources)?

James provides an excellent training system and an educational support staff of experienced and professional teachers who willingly help new teachers to ensure their success.
Upon being hired new teachers will receive a week of Initial on-the-job training by partnering with and/or observing the lessons of veteran teachers.
In addition all newly hired teachers must complete an intensive 2 day training program and orientation at the head office location in Sendai. During this time new teachers will participate in Workshops focusing on Lesson Planning & Preparation as well as effective teaching methods and strategies.
Topics covered will include; Student and Classroom Management, Business English, Teaching Kids, Textbooks and Materials, James' Company Policies & Rules. There will also be a practical Workshop, where new teachers will have the chance to prepare and teach a sample lesson, and receive feedback from their trainers and students. In addition, to further enhance the skills acquired during the Initial Training and from teaching in the classroom, every six months all teachers are reviewed and evaluated on their teaching ability, lesson planning as well as student / classroom management skills by their Area Teaching Manager.

Does JES have a set curriculum?

No, we don't have "James" textbooks that all students use. Rather, we have a list of textbooks, covering a wide variety of topics and purposes, from which we choose the best one to suit the needs of the students in each individual class. The choice of textbook for any given class is the result of a discussion with the teacher to provide the most effective means for their student(s) to reach their goals. In addition, our teachers are given a great deal of professional independence to create their own lesson plans which they feel will provide their students with the best learning experience possible.

How many teachers does JES have at each school

There are 3-8 teachers at any given James Office location,
except satellite stations(Tsuruoka, Iwaki, Hirosaki. Takahata)

Are there opportunities for advancement within the company?

Yes, Advancement options are available to any Teachers that show great initiative, ability and performance.

What days of the week do I work? / Do I get weekends off?

There are two types of schedule for full time staff; Monday to Friday (Sat-Sun off) and Tuesday to Saturday (Sun-Mon off). You can choose between the two, but the schedule you receive initially may depend on the needs of the Office and the existing teachers' schedules.

Does JES help with working visa sponsorship?

Yes, we assist newly hired teachers with completion of the documents required for a VISA which will allow them to work for JES.

Does JES help with getting an apartment? What's the difference between a JES apartment and one I get on my own?

JES provides help for new teachers arriving from overseas to arrange housing because we know that finding an apartment can be very difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language and the requirements for applying to become, and being accepted as, a new tenant. The difference is that "James" apartments are usually cheaper and rent and utilities can be automatically deducted from your pay by the James Office Manager. However, if you are able to make your own apartment arrangements, feel free to do so if you wish.

What assistance does JES provide to new teachers settling in?

JES helps new teachers arriving from overseas to set up bank accounts, utility services and health insurance, as well as finding housing. We also offer an insurance program that pays a substantial part of your salary if you are injured during working hours.

How much is rent, typically?

An apartment for a single teacher is usually 40,000-60,000 yen/month.

What are the typical monthly living expenses?

Typical living expenses will vary depending on the area you live in, but in general you can expect to pay

JAMES School List

Aomori Akita Morioka Kitakami Furukawa Sendai Fukushima
Koriyama Shirakawa Niigata Joestsu Yamagata Tendo Yonezawa
Iwaki Tsuruoka Hirosaki Takahata